The Business Designer’s Reading List


I’ll be working my way through The Business Designer’s Reading List, covering Business, Strategy, Structuring, and Design. Each month, as I finish a book, I’ll be blogging about the ideas shared in the book, and my thoughts on the subject. Enjoy!

Longer Version

I’ve never been much of a big reader, but for Christmas 2014, I got two books. Lean Startup, and Lean Enterprise. By the time March came round, I’d read them both and was on my way to reading my third book in three months. Coming from a guy that rarely reads, this was easily a record.

Since then, however, I’ve not read that much. And I miss it. My girlfriend is reading Lean UX at the moment (I promise Lean isn’t the only thing we talk about), and I was reading parts of it thinking “Yep. Great idea, brilliant.”

I miss the discovery of new ideas, and the exploration of existing ones. The sense of connection you feel when reading about a problem that’s been observed by others, and the excitement of learning how they’ve solved it.

So, I’m doing something about it. I’ve put together a reading list. Specifically A Business Designer’s Reading List.

I’ll be reading on four topics I’m calling;

  • Business
    • Learning more about how businesses operate
  • Strategy
    • Educating myself on how companies make choses that help them to win
  • Structuring
    • Looking into how communications and teams within a company can be organised to increase effectiveness
  • Design
    • Understanding the mindset and processes behind developing new and better ideas

The Business Designer’s Reading List (bdrl) is available on Trello, or click on the topic titles to go straight to the Amazon wish list (For non-amazon fans).

Blog posts will go up each month as I finish a book, starting with Playing To Win: How Strategy Really Works. I’ll talk about the ideas shared in the book, and my thoughts on the subject. And I’ll want to hear yours, too!

I’d also love to hear your reading recommendations, so please get in touch.

Speak soon,



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