Eight Takeaways From #WebSummit 2015

1.When you title something as a numbered list, people find it more enticing

Just ask Moses about how he got on the first time, when he told people about ‘The Commandments’…

2. A Musician’s Business Model is Changing

The rise of streaming products, like Spotify, means Musicians will have to adjust their business model. Instead of making money from their album, they’ll have to concentrate on making money from their concerts, and treat their album as an advertising campaign for their tour.

The trouble with this is that while people might like listening to someone’s music, they might not be enough of a fan to see them live.

Increasingly, Musicians will have to turn listeners into fans.

3. We’re Designing for the Wrong People

80% of the World’s people live in emerging countries, meaning potentially billions more people online by 2020. These people don’t have broadband, or 4G. They don’t have an iPhone, or a Samsung Galaxy S3. They can’t use the apps we’re building.

Which makes me question; Are we designing for the right people?

4. The Sharing/On-Demand Economy is Really Changing Things

You don’t have to look much further than Uber or AirBnB to realise this, but the consequences are interesting.

  • Potential to create a “negative unemployment rate”
  • Potential for increasing value of resources to widen the Rich:Poor gap
  • The contractor/employee predicament and what that means for workers’ rights

5. Naveen Jain is a Dude

Exhibit A: “Dad’s role is to expose his children all the possible life options, and encourage them to make their own decision”

Exhibit B: “Whenever you still have arrogance in you, you’re still trying to prove something to someone, you’re not yet successful.”

6. New Products’ Two Big Challenges

Focus: The importance not to spread oneself too thinly, but to do one thing and do it well.

App Discovery: With 10,000 new apps launched each day, people finding your app is a struggle, not just people using it.

7. Spirit as a Measure of Team Success

Pixar CEO, Ed Catmull, uses laughter/spirit of a team as a measure of team success. If the team isn’t laughing/in good spirits, things probably aren’t going so well.

8. Hyperloop is the future

Humans have, essentially, been travelling the same way for 50 years. Planes, trains, and automobiles. It’s time we changed that.

Hyperloop is a reimagination of transportation that is quickly becoming real. The Pods will travel at 600+mph over land, and underwater. The freight part of the business would subsidise the public transport, making it more accessible and affordable.

“Hyperloop will compress space and time, it won’t matter where you live or work. Hyperloop will make the World a village.”


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